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    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Sony launches their Smart Glass in early 2015 ??

    Sony's SmartEyeglass, priced at US$840, resembles a daily try of eyeglasses with a flashy black frame style. It options a clear 8-bit monitor with eighty five % transmission within the lenses, that permits the user to scan emails and different notifications that may be pushed from a compatible golem four.4 device.

    Eye-Opening Specs

    Sony's introduction of SmartEyeglass follows similar efforts to bring computerised eyewear to plug -- notably Google's Glass project. not like Glass, Sony's SmartEyeglass is bound to a separate controller that may be clipped to a lap or pocketed once not in use. The controller homes the device's battery, speaker, electro-acoustic transducer and bit sensors.

    The SmartEyeglass weighs approx. 2.7 ounces while not the controller. It options a inbuilt 3-megapixel camera, measuring instrument, gyroscope, electronic compass and brightness sensing element. It supports wireless LAN and offers Bluetooth compatibility with golem devices. The battery provides around a hundred and fifty minutes of continuous use.

    SmartEyeglass' inbuilt sensors and camera technology will change users to expertise increased reality at a sporting event or concert, Sony instructed. SmartEyeglass can also become associate integral a part of the workday, providing hands-free computing capabilities once necessary.

    "There could be a time and an area for sensible eyeglasses," aforementioned tantalise Crandall, principal analyst at Netpop analysis.

    "This is especially true in skilled roles, once hands area unit necessary for operating, and reference info is needed to finish the task," he said.

    Sony might not have solved  the chief issues inhibiting acceptance of the sensible glass construct, however.

    "Smart glasses have many problems, among them kind issue -- too large still; social acceptance -- individuals within the same space assume they are being spied on; and applications," noted Roger Kay, principal analyst at end Technologies Associates.

    "What will the overall user do with them?" he puzzled.

    Smart glasses "may be OK for surgeons, airline pilots and motorcar repair individuals," Kay said.

    Glass rule

    Google last year felt compelled to supply rule recommendation when many Glass users created the news for attracting hostile reactions to their up-to-date eyewear.

    When not exploitation them for specific tasks, sporting camera-enabled glasses amounts to "a social fuckup," cautioned Crandall.

    "Even if associate owner is not exploitation the camera, individuals publically can tend to maneuver away, suspicious of what is being recorded," he detected.

    "Sony would be wise learn from the market reception of Google Glass and tailor the launch campaign from a consumer-focused contraption to a business-focused tool," Crandall adscititious.

    Beyond the Novelty

    Sony's introduction of SmartEyeglass comes on the heels of last month's announcement that Google was scaling back on business sales of Glass, reportedly to revamp its technology.

    The absence of competition from Glass might place Sony in an exceedingly sensible short-run position -- however as long as shoppers area unit able to embrace the thought.

    "No one has shown that there's a marketplace for this sort of eyewear peripheral," maintained Kay.

    "It's simply attainable that Sony will sell them into the japanese market, that is thought for novelty-seeking and value physical property," Kay instructed. "Still, which may not be enough to support such a product."

    Google has however to unveil what it'll do next with its Glass, which might mean bother ahead for Sony.

    Even the present iteration of Google Glass is a lot of elegant than Sony's sensible lens, discovered Kay, and tho' Sony's $840 value purpose is lower, "you will get 2 computers for that quantity. i am glad i am not the merchandise manager of SmartEyeglass."
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